President & CEO Takeshi Sasaki

For over 70 years since our establishment in 1949, Toyo Sugar Refining Group has diligently worked to manufacture and supply refined sugar as a main product, as well as functional ingredients such as rutin and hesperidin that are widely used for health food & beverages and cosmetics. This is all possible because of our fundamental policy of providing a stable supply of safe and secure products to our customers under a safety management system based on FSSC22000 Scheme.

In the sugar business, the declining nationwide sugar consumption due to diversification in customer tastes, among others, has resulted in a challenging market environment. Even in this environment, we will work harder to further improve productivity and supply higher quality products in our core business fields.

In regards to the functional ingredients business, in a growing market environment supported by rising health consciousness, we will continue to develop unique characteristic of new ingredients as well as applications for existing ingredients, while cooperating with external research laboratories.

We will strive to supply safe and secure products by following the guidance received from our customers and stakeholders, and we aim to tackle social challenges including human rights and global environmental issues with the Sustainability Promotion Committee playing a central role.
We look forward to your continuing support.

April 2022