Privacy Policy

Toyo Sugar Refining Co;ltd believes that it is our company’s social responsibility and duty to recognize the importance of personal information, and ensure that such information is protected and handled appropriately. In order to fulfil this responsibility, we advocate the following privacy policy and actively promote it amongst our executives and employees.

1.Compliance with Regulations
We comply with all laws, applicable regulations, and guidelines concerning the protection of personal information.
2.Company Structure
We have enacted the necessary rules for all operational procedures and company codes, and have established an organizational structure that places a manager at the head of each section. This manager operates under a company-wide manager.
3.Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information
  • Collection
    Your personal information is collected in accordance with the purpose of its use, and within the scope necessary to fulfill this purpose. We always obtain your prior consent before obtaining your personal information.
  • Use and Provision
    In the event your personal information is to be used or provided to a third party, the provision or use of your information will be conducted in accordance with the purposes previously described. We always obtain your prior consent before sharing your personal information with third parties, except for instances in which we are required by law to disclose such information.
4.Maintaining Accuracy
We will take the appropriate measures to maintain your personal information and ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date.
5.Disclosure and Amendment of Personal Information
If you wish to check or amend the personal information in our care, we will first confirm your identity and then deal with your wish prudently and promptly within the scope necessary.
6.Safety Control Measures
We will enact the appropriate safety measures to protect your personal information and take reasonable protective measures to prevent the unauthorized access, falsification, disclosure, destruction, and loss of your information.
7.Company Education
We will educate our executives and employees in regards to protecting personal information and ensure they are familiar with the corresponding measures.
8.Supervision of Entrustees
When using personal information, we may entrust this information to a third party within the legitimate means necessary to achieve the purpose of its use.
9.Ongoing Review and Improvement
To ensure that valid and appropriate operations are performed both now and well into the future, we will conduct an ongoing review designed to improve the regulations regarding the handling of personal information and the organizational structure for implementing these regulations.

Inquiries about personal information

If you have any inquiries, complaints, or other comments regarding personal information, please feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail, or in writing.

Please note that we will only address the inquiries mentioned above. All other inquiries will be ignored (even if you attempt to make an inquiry in person).


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