Citron Polyphenol

Citron Polyphenol

The product is water soluble polyphenol extracted from Citrus maxima, a fruit contains high amounts of naringin, a flavonoid found in grapefruit and other citrus fruits. Citron Polyphenol displays several interesting properties (water solubility, distinctive bitter flavor and antioxidant) that help improve the taste of various food products. As a soluble polyphenol it has a wide range of applications in cosmetics as well.

Improved water solubility

Citron Polyphenol is more water soluble than naringin.

Each material was dissolved in water by shaking for 30 seconds every 5 minutes for 30 minutes.

Aqueous solutions of Citron Polyphenol and naringin (0.5% w/w; pH 6.0).>>

Applications of Citron Polyphenol

The high water solubility of Citron Polyphenol makes it more suitable for lowering blood sugar levels than naringin, a flavonoid known to lower blood glucose in mice modeled with type 2 diabetes.

Taste improvement

Bitter-tasting Agent

A 20% grapefruit juice containing 500ppm of Citron Polyphenol has a level of bitterness as pronounced as a 35% grapefruit juice.

Taste Improver

Citron Polyphenol can be used to improve the bitter or sour taste of food and beverage products.

Taste profile of a commercially available probiotic beverage containing Citron Polyphenol (50ppm w/w).

Citron Polyphenol is highly recommended for citrus juices and other processed citrus foods. The taste of other fruit juice beverages or beverages that do not contain fruit juice can be drastically improved with the incorporation of Citron Polyphenol.

Citron Polyphenol can also add a faint bitterness to products like green tea, non-alcohol beer and sake to improve their taste.


Skin Care

Due to its above-mentioned properties, Citron Polyphenol can be used in a variety of personal care products including creams, lotions, toners, concealers and face wash/cleansing products as a strong polyphenol anti-oxidant.


*This infomation is not intended to be used for medical purposes.